Little Singers of Armenia

‘’ When I was a little boy I had a dream… to build a magical city for little children, a place where they could live together happily. As the years passed, I realized that I could build a vital part of my dream- a little world for children, where only fairness and kindness reign. This world is called Little Singers of Armenia.’’

Tigran Hekekyan

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About Us

The Armenian Little Singers (ALS) International Association was founded in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1992 under the auspices of the World’s Little Singers Association. Professor Tigran Hekekyan, who is the chief founder and current president of the ALS International Association, worked in collaboration with famous musicians from Armenian and abroad, such as Rafael Mangasaryan, Robert Petrosyan, Alexander Siranosyan, and Sirvard Ghazanchyan, to establish an organization that would cultivate and inspire young Armenian singers and encourage the development of choral art in Armenia.

The ALS association oversees many choirs that participate and contribute to the cultural life of Armenia and its diaspora. Some of these exemplary and award-winning choirs include: Little Singers of Armenia, Senior Choir (1992); Little Singers of Armenia, Junior Choir (1994); ALS Children’s choir in Los Angeles (1994); Little Singers of Artsakh (Stepanakert, 2011); the children’s choirs of Vank village and Gandzasar monastery (Artsakh, 2012); and more than fifty choirs in Yerevan city secondary schools (2000-2011). In 1994, the ALS association also promoted and founded the vocal and conducting department of the Tchaikovsky Special Music School of Yerevan.

Ohan Duryan 100

"Komitas" festival and "Armenian Little Singers" International Association kindly invite you to the commemorative evening dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Ohan Duryan, a famous Armenian conductor, a good friend of the "Little Singers of Armenia" choir. The "Little Singers of Armenia" choir led by Tigran Hekekyan, pianist Marine Margaryan, Narek Hekekyan - cello, Hayk Hekekyan - oboe, Anna Hekekyan - piano are participating in the concert. This event of love and respect dedicated to Ohan Duryan will take place on December 9, at 19:00 in the hall of the chamber music house named after Komitas. Tickets are on sale.

03 Dec 2022