Little Singers of Armenia

‘’ When I was a little boy I had a dream… to build a magical city for little children, a place where they could live together happily. As the years passed, I realized that I could build a vital part of my dream- a little world for children, where only fairness and kindness reign. This world is called Little Singers of Armenia.’’

Tigran Hekekyan, Artistic director and Conductor

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About Us

Little Singers of Armenia choir was founded in 1992 under the auspices of the Armenian Little Singers International Association and Yerevan Municipality. This choir has become an international sensation and its repertoire is extremely varied including sacred, classical, folk and jazz music from different periods.

The Little Singers of Armenia were recognized as the Choir of the European Union, nominated as Cultural Ambassador by the European Federation of Choirs in 2001 and awarded the Leonardo da Vinci silver medal by the European Academy of Natural Sciences. In 2002 the choir was recognized as one of the best choirs in the world by the International Choral Federation of Music. The choir has also received some of the highest awards bestowed by the President of Armenia as well as the country’s Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Science and Education, and the Mayor of Yerevan.

The talent of this choir is evident in its many competitive achievements throughout the musical world. Among its accomplishments are several silver medals at the Roodeport International Eisteddfod of South Africa, 1993 and the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in the UK, 1994 as well as gold and silver medals at the Golden Gatet International Children’s Choral Festival in San Francisco, USA, 1995.

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04 Aug 2020