Karapetyan Naira

I love the choir very much. We are coming here to be taught and to know singing.I also come to the choir to be taught , and to know singing. The choir is my home, there we live , there are also my brothers and sisters. In the choir I give a lot of concerts. Shortly speaking I love the choir very much.

Ishhanjan Ti gran

I attend this choir , because I like singing very much. Here we study singing to sing beutifull songs. Lusine teaches us professional songs. To my opinion Lusine is a studied – well woman and a master. The teacher of solfegio Kristine is good accompanier. Though I am very busy I attend here with great pleasure, to study singing.

Shirinjan Aida

My choir is the best . I attend the choir with great pleasure. I taught here not only to sing, but also to live right , to live by the music. I am loved by everybody here. I love Maestro, Lusine , Kristina and my friends.

I like singing . When I sing its seems to me that I am in the embaressment of fairy tale. My song , my choir they are my life. And Lusine I love very much.This is my opinion about the wonderfull choir.

Gabrieljan Vahram

I attend the choir , because I taught here to sing in English , to stage good performances. I like very much Lusine , Nelli and many other teachers. And to my opinion we will know better things.


I come to the choir because I love my teachers , my friends. I love the choir very much , I love Maestro and singing. I like to come to the senior group ,but I don’t say , that I don’t love juniors.I studied a lot of things in the choir. When I applied to this choir I was broughten by force , but during the time I began to come with pleasure. I sit and wait for when the time will come to go to the choir. I hope that this feeling will never desapear from me.

Ayrapetyan Ani

I am attending the Armenian senior singers choir: We are study here singing ,dancing etc. We give concerts in a lot of places. During the concerts they come to photograph us. The choir is my home. The choir is consisted of 35 persons. I like to participate in different concerts. I attend this choir for one year.

K. Anna

I like the choir ,because in the choir we don’t only study singing ,but also dancing. We stage humorous performances , which I like very much.I like also my teacher Lusine. She is a very kind teacher . From the group of olders I like Susanna.

Bojahchjan Maria

I have a great opinion about the choir . I have come to this choir for four years. When I was young my granny told me : “ When you would be older you had to attend the choir of Tigran Heqeqjan. Unfortunately my granny didn’t see my attendancy to this choir ,but the wish has come true. I am glad today that I come to this choir. We don’t only study singing here, but also ethics. I would like to say that I am proud of my attendancy to the choir.

Davtjan Arusjak

I am attending the choir , because I study here singing correctly and besides by coming here we are brought up. Till today I saw in the choir only good , only kind things. I am surrounded here only with kind persons. Besides every year we are staging joyfull performances , and its very interesting for me here and I have a great impression of my choir.

Tatevik Ayvazyan, 21 years old, I soprano

“The choir is the most luminous point in my life, my childhood dream that will never end. My bright dream, my eternal love, LSA.”

Tatev Zakaryan, 16 years old, II Soprano

“Our choir is a large family where we each have our role and duty. We share ideas and interests. We try to support each other when necessary, abiding by the principle of mentoring. No one's perspective or opinion is ignored.”

Susanna Petrosyan, Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

“To this day, our choir remains a never-ending source of spiritual sustenance for me. Everything associated with it gives rise to positive, cheerful and warm emotions in me.”

Ani Momjian, 17 years old, II Alto

“Our choir is a universe, an infinity, entering which you feel its power and immensity. Then you feel you are taken away to a pure, honest and kind place, and distances you from real life and injustice. It feels like a little heaven.”

Maria Yeghiazaryan, 17 years old, II Alto

“When we are together, we are able to overturn hills. In order to become a member of the choir, you should be a good person and a good friend, open-minded and focused. In other words, you should be possessed of generous human quality.”

Anush Stepanyan, Former member of Little Singers of Armenia

“The greatest achievement of the choir is not singing at all, but the shaping of a proper value system instilled in us at an early age.”

Liza Yepremyan, I Alto

“Owing to the choir, now I don’t escape from truth.”

Naira Avagyan, 19 years old, II Alto

“Little Singers of Armenia, a huge school with its warmth, knowledge, upbringing, great teacher and colourful children. We, members of the choir, spend the most vivid, colourful, precious years of our life in the choir.”

Ani Mkhitaryan, 15 years old, II Soprano

“In my choir family I feel happy and safe, I am myself. There’s no need to pretend or compromise.”

veta Barseghyan,15 years old, II Soprano

“It's a cozy world, its fabric woven from the motley threads of desires, aspirations, and dreams, so different from gloomy reality.”

Lusine Melikyan,13 years old, I Soprano

“When I hear the name of Little Singers of Armenia, I imagine a fabulous world of mutual respect, love, and peace.”

Sofi Movsisyan, 14 years old, I Soprano

“I was very little when my parents brought me to an unknown and miraculous world. A world that I embraced with all my soul. That lovely world was called Little Singers of Armenia. I became a small part of that large and harmonious world. I lived there and grew up enjoying the love and warmth of everyone. I still share my choir's joys, worries, and inimitable achievements.”

Arpine Haroyan, 14 years old, II Soprano

“Maestro is not only a musician engaged in his own musical reveries, but also a patriot with a warrior's spirit and sometimes a philosopher with his profound and serious thoughts.”

Shushanik Nersesyan, 16 years old, I Alto

“I think what bonds the children in our choir is not only music but also the love and admiration we all feel for the Maestro.”

Anna Kurghinyan, 15 years old, II Alto

“Thanks to Tigran Hekekyan I learned that there is nothing in the world that I could not achieve.”

Varsenik Nersesyan, 17 years old, I Alto

“We all concluded that if Maestro does so, it means it should be so. No, we don't turn a blind eye to life. The point is that he is our eyes. I wish many, many children could see the world I’ve seen.”

Arev Arakelyan, 16 years old, I Alto

“He is and remains exceptioanl human being in the real meaning of the world.”

Julia Babayan, 13 years old, I Alto

“I am proud and feel lucky to have known such an incredible master teacher. His remarkable interpretations of music and life are so captivating that they reveal new horizons for us.”

Armine Kostanyan, Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

“Happy birthday my dear choir! World can never express what I experienced during those years. You presented me with a colorful childhood and opened doors to the light. You were my little world and filled my days with warmth and excitement. You are already twenty years old and half of my life was spent in your arms. May your path be sunny and vibrant, and your future bright!”

Lilit Ginosyan, Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

“The choir is the little planet that bears the kind and warm memories of my childhood. It is a school of life where I learned to live and appreciate, to deal with difficulties without getting anxious, and to be fair like music itself.”

Ani Danielyan, 9 years old, I Soprano

“Thanks to you, I felt the breath of genius in my soul.”

Knarik Babajanyan, 17 years old, II Soprano

“Interacting with him develops our judgment, teaches us how to communicate with people, organized, conscientious, and impartial.”

Gayane Abrahamyan, Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

“The choir and meeting Maestro was a turning point in our lives. Memories of childhood are divided into two parts for most of us - memories before Maestro and the choir, and after. The ones after are so bright and positive that they obscure many episodes of life before “choir life.” The creator of that light and the man who spread it is Maestro-an unrivaled phenomenon of a human being, artist, musician, and pedagogue who, with boundless devotion, fosters generations that will guarantee the prosperity of our nation.”

Tatev Zakaryan, 15 years old, II Soprano

“There is a great kind heart hidden beneath Maestro’s strictness in which each of us has a unique place.”

Ekaterina Adamyan, 16 years old, II Alto

“Maestro is not only our conductor, he is also a teacher of life. He shows us how to be a patriot and a worthy human being.”

Gayane Ordukhanyanՙ Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

“Those long years spent in the choir were the magic of my childhood. Rehearsals with candle light to concerts in palatial concert halls, meeting prominent artists, finding friends of all nationalities worldwide, and being the ambassador of my country to the world at an early age and all together formed an endless feast. This feast is strongly engraved in my memories and still gives me optimism, strength, and belief in kindness and brightness, and it helps me to overcome the difficulties of life. I'm grateful and happy to have been a part of the Little Singers of Armenia.”