Claus Roedder , Kristiana Roedder

I am conductor children choir too. I am deeply impressed by your sound and great voices. Facial expression is impressive, very vivid and lively. And your intonation was so amazing.


Ieva Krivickaitė, Manager of Ugnele Children Choir

All kinds of choir conductors, who went to your concerts, came to us and said, that  they have never heard a choir like this and they’ll probably never hear a choir like this again in their lifetime. So, for them it is the concert of their lifetime and something that they think for many many months and many years probably. They will remember something magical, that happened in their life.  The choir is so good, so amazing….. I have no words to describe.  

Soulyus Lausa, Director of national cultural center of  Lithuania

Amazing choir. I am also conductor of choir and hardly I meet such choirs as yours. You are not only singers but also top level artists. I think, not in vain you are called ambassadors of Armenian music. May you have success all over the world. Wish you further achievements.


Vytautas Miškinis, Conductor

No problem with intonation, no problem with their repertoire. The repertoire is very serious. Tigran Hekekyan is a very deep musician, very good pedagogue and conductor-three in one. The choir is amazing.


Frank –Stefen Elster, Conductor of Gewandhaus children choir

It was really amazing and exciting concert. I am impressed with your choir. Wonderful performance, wonderful voices and wonderful presence on stage.


Tigran Mkrtchian, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary օf the Republic of Armenia to the Republic of Lithuania

The Little Singers of Armenia choir’s powerful voice brought Lithuanians to its feet. An enormous amount of audience was present at the concert including officials and ambassadors. The impression was shocking. The audience listened to you holding their breath. I am proud to introduce Armenia with you. It is great that the concert took place on September 21, on the Independence Day of Armenia, as Little Singers of Armenia choir represents independence generation. Little Singers of Armenia choir is a new cultural landmark of new Armenia. It is a great honor for every ambassador to hold such an event.

Ward Swingle, American vocalist and jazz musician

“I've had a chance to listen to your CD. I find it excellent in every way. The sound is clear, the repertoire is varied and interesting, the tuning, the rhythm, and the blending are precise and controlled carefully. You've done some really fine work. Please congratulate all the singers. It's rare that I listen to a choral recording about which I can only offer compliments!” “Bonnie continuation and best wishes!”


Gido Kokars, Professor of Latvian Music Academy, Founder and Conductor of the Riga Chamber choir Ave Sol, Riga, Latvia

“What Tigran Hekekyan presented here on the stage was impossible to achieve, such a performance is only possible in heaven. Today's performance was truly an ultimate pleasure. The performance directed by Tigran Hekekyan was indeed magical, amazing, long-awaited and unexpectedly brilliant. It is shocking how they present heavenly supreme art while performing. I am constantly amazed by how such a wide repertoire of great culture is performed with such mastery, joy, beauty and simplicity. I have a lot to say, but words are not enough to express my feelings now. The wonderful impressions of today will stay with me forever. I will never be able to forget them.”

Mario Fontana, Conductor of Coro Calicantus, Locarno, Switzerland

“Dear Tigran, it was pleasure to meet you and your wonderful choir in Basel. For many years I could not find a group which could give us such deep emotions and feelings in all directions of music. Thanks to your wonderful work it became possible. I refer my great respect and favor to You, Maestro.”

Andre Ducret, Founder and Conductor of St. Michael Choir , Switzerland


“I always tell my singers, that we have to seek for an excellence, but not perfection, because perfection doesn’t exist. But having heard Little Singers of Armenia, I think that perhaps perfection exists.



Armenouhi Karapetyan, Composer, Yerevan, Armeni

“My dear Maestro, Though I have never been a member of your choir, every time I listen to your interpretations of my pieces, each one better than the previous one, I am simply surprised; and I understand the admiring expressions of the little singers' eyes and, believe me, I feel I am a member of your choir. I would like to congratulate you for maintaining a high quality of performance for so many years.”

Bo Johansson, Artistic Director and Conductor of Adolf Fredrik’s Girls choir, Stockholm, Sweden

“This choir is one of the greatest choirs in the world. I have heard them before and have been a close friend of their director for many, many years. And I think we have the same feeling on how to be a conductor for a girls' choir - to share joy together with the singers, to build a good atmosphere so the singers like to sing together. I can see when I listen to the choir that they love each other. They listen to each other, and they have fun and joyfulness while singing. That's why they are so special. Your conductor is marvelous; he can build up a good atmosphere for the audience and singers. And you are very successful when you build musical communication with the audience.”

  José Geraldo Arrieche González, Choir Director of Cantoría de Mérida, Mérida, Venezuela

“The unity of the sounds of the choir made the strongest impression on me. The young age of the singers really enriches the impressions about the choir. The first two pieces especially were just stunning in their ensemble, clarity and purity. I am very much impressed by the group. The pianissimos, the quiet dynamics of the choir were just stunning. I am also impressed by the other face of the choir that they are able to show that they are happy, young and excited. I am very much impressed.”                                                                               

Chifuru Matsubara ,Conductor of Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, Tokyo, Japan

“The success of your choir was unprecedented. Many of my friends are still writing to me regarding their impressions, astonishment and gratification. Thank you.”

Hiroyasu Kobayashi, President and Head of Min-On Concert Association, Tokyo, Japan

“I am so amazed, it is indeed unbelievable. I have directed a few choirs but hearing such an Armenian choir really astonishes me. The audience is all shocked and impressed.”

Vaanobe Tenjiku /blind since birth/ Japan

“Through my dark and limited vision, I saw girls who shined with music. I was deeply touched to the point of tears.”

Pierre Amour, The 50th anniversary Celebration of UNESCO, Paris, France

“This children’s choir from Armenia gave such joy and pleasure. We, in UNESCO, lived unforgettable moments.”

Michel Hostettler, Composer, conductor, Vevey, Switzerland

“The high standard of this choir was known to me, but what I cannot understand is how they keep improving more and more. This choir is just perfect.”

Jean-Pierre van Avermaet, Secretary General of the European Federation for Choirs of the Union, Brussels, Belgium

“The concert was like a “banquet in heaven”. I know many many choirs, but you are one of the most brilliant in the whole world.”

George Emmanuel Lazaridis, Pianist and composer, Artistic Director of Thessaloniki Concert Hall Organization

“It is an enormous blessing to have your talent and music in our city. Your performance is of the highest quality. It is rare to encounter such dedication and inspiration in choral performances. This was not only the best choral performance that I had heard, but a lesson for me and the others who heard your performances, and for those, who had the chance to listen to this choir and change the reality.”

The Armenian Reporter June 24, 1995

“An interesting union of professionalism and youthfulness. Freely swaying, head bobbing, smiling, eyeing each other is the way they sing. Being in the same environment and listening to them, is a joyous occasion. Maestro Tigran Hekekyan had given us an opportunity of hearing a professional children’s choir under his direction.”

France-Armenie magazine, Fribourg, Switzerland, June, 2014

“Highlight of the concert was Claude Debussy’s spiritual piece “Salut Pritemps”. Children from the Caucasus reproduced the words perfectly. The choir has all possible technical skills of the choral art. Yes, they are children but have professional background.”

 Valentin Gloor Director of Winterthur Conservatory, Winterthur, Switzerland

“It was fantastic, simply fabulous. You did a wonderful job for those who had the chance to listen. Thank you very much for being here.”

Voicu Popescu, Conductor of Romanian Radio Children's Choir, Bucharest, Romania

“I am absolutely  delighted. I had never heard a children's  choir of such  high caliber. I am very thankful to Tigran. He is  not only a good maestro, but a great educator as well. May God enable the creation of such an advanced choir here in Georgia.”

Shalva Mosidze Honorary Artist of Georgia, the Chair of the Conducting Faculty at the Tbilisi Conservatory, the founder and Artistic Director of the Gori Women's choir

“We were delighted  to listen to the children's choir from Armenia.  The choir has a clear intonation and it presented a very special folk repertoire.  It was the utmost pleasure to listen to the children performing the repertoire as seriously  as  professionals would have done.”     

Beat Raaflaub , Artistic Director of Basel Boys' Choir, Artistic Counselor of the European Youth Choir Festival

“We were delighted with the style of singing, and the deep and spontaneous musicality of the choir Little Singers of Armenia. Their voices floated like clouds in the sky.  I am greatly impressed.”

Vigen Chaldranyan, Cinematographer, Yerevan, Armenia

“I have had the chance to cooperate with this professional choir and am convinced, that this choir with its performing artistry, selective repertoire, team mentality and army discipline is a “state of the art” in song. It has an exceptional human value, which the world has long accepted and honoured as choral representative of Armenia.”

Francisco J. Núñez, Founder and Artistic Director of theYoung People's Chorus of New York City, New York, USA

“I believe they are one of the greatest children's choirs in the world today. Watching them perform, watching them sing the great music of Armenia and of composers from all around the world is truly fantastic, and watching their conductor work with them is incredible as well. I especially love the way they move when they sing and interpret the music. I hope they get to sing all over and everybody gets to hear them because they are making a mark on society and bringing Armenian music and Armenian children around the world. I wish you all the best of luck!”

 Vagharshak Zakaryan, Composer, Yerevan, Armenia

“The Little Singers of Armenia choir has been the brightest and the most important phenomenon in Armenian musical life during the last twenty years. The choir would bring honor to any country in the world.”


Arthur Utmazian, Actor, Yerevan, Armenia

“I feel great pride every time the Little Singers of Armenia choir presents our songs introducing our nation and homeland, Armenia, in foreign lands. This is perfect mastery, which could be reached only through hard work, unreserved dedication and discipline. This is particular only to Tigran Hekekyan, the man, the citizen and the artist.”

Martun Israelyan, Composer and Professor, Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory Yerevan, Armenia

“If a choir is a musical instrument, then the creator and performer is the conductor. The latter creates that instrument through his ability of performing. In the case of Tigran Hekekyan, this work is done with exceptional perfection, which is worthy of admiration and respect.”


Maya Shavit, Founder, Conductor and Musical Director of Efroni Choir, Emek Hefer, Israel

“I have my own children's choir, but this choir really, really moved me. There is something so deep coming from their souls. They are involved in the singing, and their delicacy, the piano and pianissimo, the range of dynamics… It was so fantastic, so I have a good place in my heart for Armenian music. Little Armenians! How beautifully you sing! I shall carry the sounds of your choir in my heart and soul for a long time.”

Professor Hiruoki, Mathematician, Japan

“Exceptional, perfect! I wish the whole world could hear you. Your performance gave us a new boost of energy to animate our lives.”

Pekka Kostiaine, Conductor of Vox Aurea choir, Finland

“The choir sings with bright and clear intonation and has a charming sound. The quality of voices is natural, full with Armenian colorations. Rhythmically the singing is elastic and exact.”


Martin Olsen, Chairman of Midtwest Pigekor

“I have never heard anything as clear and faithful in this church. You made me cry for at least 50 minutes.”

La Liberte magazine, Fribourg, Switzerland, May 15, 2016

They sing so tenderly and beautifully that it makes you almost cry. Their virtuosity makes you hold your breath. Their gestures, movements, voices, syncopations, taut dissonances; all are in place. Astounding pianissimos, wonderful legatos, sharp and tensed dynamic flights. An exclusive evening of choral art.


Hovhannes Darbinyan, Professor of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, Artistic Director of Saint Etchmiadzin choir

“I've always admired Tigran Hekekyan's art of conducting. Perfect sonority, gentle tint and deep lyrics prove the high and endowed talent of a musician as a conductor. He interlaces traditions of national choir art with those of universal achievements. He makes a glorious name for his nation by his art.”

Melik Mavisakalyan, Composer, Yerevan, Armenia

“I express my deep admiration for the little artists' exceptional performance. Congratulations to the great musician Tigran Hekekyan for his admirable work.”

Kosmas Galileas, Artistic Director and Conductor of Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra (1996), Thessaloniki, Greece                      

“The performance of the Little Singers of Armenia was the most perfect  music concert that has taken place during the last ten years of my life.”                                                                                                

Robert Geary, Artistic Director of the Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir Oakland, California, USA

“The choir doesn't need to be qualified by the word “children.” Their artistic quality is as high as any arts organization. They're really stunning.”

Mikayel Poghosyan Actor, Yerevan, Armenia

“To create spiritual art is a commemoration of the whole nation’s genetic stock from human to God. The Little Singers of Armenia choir, led by maestro Tigran Hekekyan, is the most reliable hearth of this commemoration.


Virginia Persson, Chorus of “Baroque Choral Guild,” Higher school teacher

“You have developed very high skills and standards for your singers and they do an excellent job! Great sensitivity to pitch and dynamics, also very good enunciation.  Breath support produces full sound and the group seems the superior of those here at the Golden Gate Choir Competition. They have talent beyond their youth and it is a pleasure to see how they love their conductor.  Bravo!!!”


Theodora Stathopoulos, Artistic Director and Conductor of FACE Symphony Orchestra, Montréal, Québec, Canada

“Congratulations on an outstanding performance. I have thoroughly enjoyed the concert for the variety, vitality and dynamism.”


Armen Khandikian, Artistic director and headmaster of Yerevan Drama Theater,  Yerevan , Armenia

The performances of the choir help the audience to understand the world view of the Armenians. From the lips of the singers one can hear penetrating, bright, beautiful fabulous voices, which inimitably convey love and warmth to  audience.

Thomas Roedder, Priest, St. Maurice Church, Switzerland

“It was fantastic. I have been to many concerts, but I have never had an experience like today, to listen to a precise interpretation and faultless performance, perfect preparedness and illuminating voices….. I think, in heaven it can’t be better.”


Maestro Raffi Kharajanyan, Doctor of Arts, Acclaimed pianist and Professor of Music, Latvian Academy of Music

“We heard an excellent concert, which was totally in unity with the wonderful atmosphere in the hall. We not only appreciated the nuances and the details of the choir, especially the piano and the forte, but the piano of the audience as well, when they were listening and the forte when they were applauding.”

Bruce Ensinger, Adjunct Professor of Music, West Virginia Northern Community College, Wheeler, West Virginia, USA


“What a treat to hear such a free, impressive, and beautiful sound. A sweet performance with great nuances and such confidence.”    

Nor Gyank (New Life) newspaper, Glendale, California, USA, 1995

“It is a peerless, unique group. Hekekyan has been able to refine and reproduce the best of ensemble attributes, such as superior professionalism, harmonious articulation, clear intonation, even tempo, as well as intuit appropriate choral music style and astutely reinterpret it.”

“I was enthralled by the phrasing, the flair for creating intertwining themes, the exquisite dynamism of the emotions. The transitions between crescendos and diminuendos were especially remarkable.”

“I was enchanted as I listened, holding back my breath and tears.”


Vessela Dyakova, Pianist, organist, Brussels, Belgium

“I am Bulgarian in origin and I have met many Armenians in my life. But being such a mighty nation, and owning such a powerful culture was brought to me only through your voices. Wonderful concert, excellent conductor, divine voices, that would sound far and wide to prove to the world that Armenians are strong and mighty nation. Your power lies in the fact that every instant you can prove and connect with your audience. Spread Armenian culture all over the world.”


Jean-Pierre van Avermaet, Secretary General of the European Federation for Choirs of the Union, Brussels, Belgium

“The concert was like a “banquet in heaven”. I know many many choirs, but you are one of the most brilliant in the whole world.”


Michel Hostettler, Composer, conductor, Vevey, Switzerland

“The high standard of this choir was known to me, but what I cannot understand is how they keep improving more and more. This choir is just perfect.”

Pierre Amour, The 50th anniversary Celebration of UNESCO, Paris, France

“This children’s choir from Armenia gave such joy and pleasure. We, in UNESCO, lived unforgettable moments.”


Hiroyasu Kobayashi, President and Head of Min-On Concert Association, Tokyo, Japan

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the splendid performance of the cultural treasure of your country - Little Singers of Armenia, performing under the great directorship of  Maestro Tigran Hekekyan. Thousands of people across Japan were greatly touched and inspired by the beautiful voices of your proudest little singers.”


Chifuru Matsubara, Conductor of  Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, Tokyo, Japan

“The success of your choir was unprecedented. Many of my friends are still writing to me regarding their impressions, astonishment and gratification. Thank you.”


Mario Fontana, Conductor of Coro Calicantus, Locarno, Switzerland

 “Dear Tigran, it was pleasure to meet you and your wonderful choir in Basel. For many years I could not find a group which could give us such deep emotions and feelings in all directions of music. Thanks to your wonderful work it became possible. I refer my great respect and favor to You, Maestro.”


Philippe Savoy, Conductor of the choir of College St. Michael, Fribourg, Switzerland

“I think that reaching such an incredible musical standard is the result of perfect vocal technique and literacy as well as all other musical possibilities, which are the flesh and blood of the choir.”

André Ducret , Conductor of the choir St-Michel, Fribourg, Switzerland

“The children's pure voices, their great talent and personality gave us sublime feelings. The conductor's hands expressed both extraordinary precision and subtlety. I am full of admiration.”

Gayane Ordukhanyan, Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

“Those long years spent in the choir were the magic of my childhood. Rehearsals with candle light to concerts in palatial concert halls, meeting prominent artists, finding friends of all nationalities worldwide, and being the ambassador of my country to the world at an early age and all together formed an endless feast. This feast is strongly engraved in my memories and still gives me optimism, strength, and belief in kindness and brightness, and it helps me to overcome the difficulties of life. I'm grateful and happy to have been a part of the Little Singers of Armenia.”  

Ekaterina Adamyan, 16 years old, II Alto

“Maestro is not only our conductor, he is also a teacher of life. He shows us how to be a patriot and a worthy human being.”

Tatev Zakaryan, 15 years old, II Soprano

“There is a great kind heart hidden beneath Maestro’s strictness in which each of us has a unique place.”

Gayane Abrahamyan, Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

“The choir and meeting Maestro was a turning point in our lives. Memories of childhood are divided into two parts for most of us - memories before Maestro and the choir, and after. The ones after are so bright and positive that they obscure many episodes of life before “choir life.” The creator of that light and the man who spread it is Maestro-an unrivaled phenomenon of a human being, artist, musician, and pedagogue who, with boundless devotion, fosters generations that will guarantee the prosperity of our nation.”

Knarik Babajanyan, 17 years old, II Soprano

“Interacting with him develops our judgment, teaches us how to communicate with people, organized, conscientious, and impartial.”

Ani Danielyan, 9 years old, I Soprano

“Thanks to you, I felt the breath of genius in my soul.”

Lilit Ginosyan, Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

 “The choir is the little planet that bears the kind and warm memories of my childhood. It is a school of life where I learned to live and appreciate, to deal with difficulties without getting anxious, and to be fair like music itself.”

Armine Kostanyan, Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

“Happy birthday my dear choir! World can never express what I experienced during those years. You presented me with a colorful childhood and opened doors to the light. You were my little world and filled my days with warmth and excitement. You are already twenty years old and half of my life was spent in your arms. May your path be sunny and vibrant, and your future bright!”

Julia Babayan, 13 years old, I Alto

“I am proud and feel lucky to have known such an incredible master teacher. His remarkable interpretations of music and life are so captivating that they reveal new horizons for us.”

Arev Arakelyan, 16 years old, I Alto

“He is and remains exceptioanl human being in the real meaning of the world.”

Varsenik Nersesyan, 17 years old, I Alto

“We all concluded that if Maestro does so, it means it should be so. No, we don't turn a blind eye to life. The point is that he is our eyes. I wish many, many children could see the world I’ve seen.”

Anna Kurghinyan, 15 years old, II Alto

“Thanks to Tigran Hekekyan I learned that there is nothing in the world that I could not achieve.”

Shushanik Nersesyan, 16 years old, I Alto

“I think what bonds the children in our choir is not only music but also the love and admiration we all feel for the Maestro.”

Arpine Haroyan, 14 years old, II Soprano

“Maestro is not only a musician engaged in his own musical reveries, but also a patriot with a warrior's spirit and sometimes a philosopher with his profound and serious thoughts.”

Sona Harutyunyan, 16 years old, I Alto

“Tigran Hekekyan is our guiding light, who illuminates our paths. Maestro: a man whose love is limitless and who gives of himself boundlessly as seen through the clear and sparkling eyes of children. Maestro: whom I admire and appreciate endlessly. Inside my heart and soul I call him my Maestro.”

Sofi Movsisyan, 14 years old, I Soprano

“I was very little when my parents brought me to an unknown and miraculous world. A world that I embraced with all my soul. That lovely world was called Little Singers of Armenia. I became a small part of that large and harmonious world. I lived there and grew up enjoying the love and warmth of everyone. I still share my choir's joys, worries, and inimitable achievements.”

Lusine Melikyan, 13 years old, I Soprano

“When I hear the name of Little Singers of Armenia, I imagine a fabulous world of mutual respect, love, and peace.”


Sveta Barseghyan, 15 years old, II Soprano

“It's a cozy world, its fabric woven from the motley threads of desires, aspirations, and dreams, so different from gloomy reality.”


Ani Mkhitaryan, 15 years old, II Soprano

“In my choir family I feel happy and safe, I am myself. There’s no need to pretend or compromise.”


Naira  Avagyan 19 years old, II Alt

“Little Singers of Armenia, a huge school with its warmth, knowledge, upbringing, great teacher and colorful children. We, members of the choir, spend the most vivid, colourful, precious years of our life in the choir.”


Liza Yepremyan I Alto

“Owing to the choir, now I don’t escape from truth.”


Anush Stepanyan, Former member of Little Singers of Armenia’

“The greatest achievement of the choir is not singing at all, but the shaping of a proper value system instilled in us at an early age.”

Maria Yeghiazaryan, 17 years old, II Alto

“When we are together, we are able to overturn hills. In order to become a member of the choir, you should be a good person and a good friend, open-minded and focused. In other words, you should be possessed of generous human quality.”


Ani Momjian 17 years old, II Alto

“Our choir is a universe, an infinity, entering which you feel its power and immensity. Then you feel you are taken away to a pure, honest and kind place, and distances you from real life and injustice. It feels like a little heaven.”

Susanna Petrosyan , Former member of the Little Singers of Armenia

“To this day, our choir remains a never-ending source of spiritual sustenance for me. Everything associated with it gives rise to positive, cheerful and warm emotions in me.”

Tatev Zakaryan, 16 years old, II Soprano

“Our choir is a large family where we each have our role and duty. We share ideas and interests. We try to support each other when necessary, abiding by the principle of mentoring. No one's perspective or opinion is ignored.”

Watching a 3D movie at the Science Museum, London, United Kingdom, 2008

Tatevik Ayvazyan, 21 years old, I soprano

“The choir is the most luminous point in my life, my childhood dream that will never end. My bright dream, my eternal love, LSA.”