World Choral Day

Since 1990, every year, on December, IFCM takes initiative in the organization of the festival “World Choral Day”. Nearly 100,000 choirs from all continents join in this celebration.
In 1994 Armenia, in the initiative with the Armenian Little Singers International Association joins this campaign. Years on, Armenian superior choirs performed for students of public schools at Aram Khachaturyan Great Concert Hall. Since 2018, the Armenian Little Singers International Association realizes this event together with Armenian Choral Conductors Association in assistance with Khachatur Abovian Armenian State Pedagogical University. Format has changed after amateur choirs from Yerevan, different cities and abroad began to participates in this festival.
This year, on December 19,  6 live choirs from Armenia and Artsakh, and  7 choirs from Berd (Armenia), Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Moldova, Switzerland, USA participated in this online event.


 I have just viewed the magnificent video you produced for the 2020 World Choral Day. It is one of the most powerful and professionally produced youth choir videos I have seen in the more than 45 years I have been producing international youth choir festivals. I have sent it to several colleagues and friends and they have been calling me all day to thank me for including them. Your video has helped to educate many people who have been totally uninformed about Armenia and your long history. Your music has done exactly what we would hope it would do. It has told your story to people who needed to hear it.

Jack Kukuk

Artistic/Executive Director of Voices Without Borders

The day of online concert many of my choristers wrote me that they were crying looking to so beautiful reality of your choir, the others choir and Armenia.

I too was crying to see so nice young people singing! Simply singing! And so nice!

Your concert gave me the feeling of being together, a choral family that is real, even if we are far away.

Mario Fontana

Artistic director of Coro Calicantus choir, Switzerland

Dear Tigran,

I wish I could be there with you! I watched it all, amazed with the fantastic event, and feeling the deep tragedy and suffering of the Armenian nation is going through. Yet you created a great event, showing the wonders and great heritage, sowing fantastic piece of Armenian ancient treasures, now being attacked by the heartless enemy. Under such situation, you managed to bring up unforgettable music supported by the colorful views of Armenian nature. I salute you!


Maya Shvit

Conductor of Efroni choir, Israel

Ne manquez pas de regarder ce très beau concert/reportage (1 heure), avec de très beaux chœurs d’enfants et de jeunes.

L’Arménie est très isolée dans une région non chrétienne.

Mais comme ce fut le cas pour la Slovénie ou les Pays baltes, sa population trouve du réconfort et de la force dans le chant choral.

Cette participation à la Journée mondiale du Chant choral est un très beau témoignage de sa conscience de faire partie de la grand famille du chant choral mondial.

J’ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer plusieurs fois Tigran Hekekyan dans divers concours internationaux (il dirige notamment le premier chœur dans cette vidéo)

où il a fait la connaissance des chœurs qui participent à ce concert.

Les images d’Arménie qui sont intégrées dans ce film me donnent l’envie d’aller un jour visiter ce beau pays. Amitiés.

Noël Minet

Honorary president of À Cœur Joie International

 Board member of À Cœur Joie Wallonie-Bruxelles


The concert was so refined and fascinating. Bravo!  It was really thrilling, all the connections that you've done with the guest choirs. The combination with the video, telling the history of Armenia was deeply interesting. There are exuberant talents in Armenia! I wish you  quiet days of peace, so that you'll be able to create consistently more and more beautiful project like this one.

Sara Shoham, Composer, Israel

 Dear Maestro Hekekyan,

The entire event and its arrangement in the video was very impressive and it touched me very much.

I have no doubt that its success is mainly due to your professionalism and your dedication to music, in general, and the choral music, in particular.

Let me congratulate you and wish you further achievements in your efforts to promote the Little Singers Choir of Armenia.


Baris Der-Petrossian

Violinist, Vienna


 This site brought tears to my eyes from singing Choral music of young people. As I always say a nation with strong cultural heritage never disappears on the earth.


Ali Farinpour, Iran

To my dear friend,

Bravo, and thank you for sharing with me this very moving choral day. 

My message is simple: Where and when there is music and singing, there is hope.


Michal Okon,  Conductor of “Meitar” choir Israel