Armenian Little Singers International Association

The Armenian Little Singers (ALS) International Association was founded in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1992 under the auspices of the World’s Little Singers Association. Tigran Hekekyan, who is the chief founder and current president of the ALS International Association, worked in collaboration with famous musicians from Armenian and abroad, such as Rafael Mangasaryan, Robert Petrosyan, Alexander Siranosyan, and Sirvard Ghazanchyan, to establish an organization that would cultivate and inspire young Armenian singers and encourage the development of choral art in Armenia.

Over the last twenty years, the ALS International Association has worked tirelessly in the musical world toward the goal of fostering and refining choral skills, sharing the talents of Armenia’s choirs with the world, and contributing to the participation of Armenian choirs in international festivals and worldwide events.

The ALS association oversees many choirs that participate and contribute to the cultural life of Armenia and its diaspora. Some of these exemplary and award-winning choirs include: Little Singers of Armenia, Senior Choir (1992); Little Singers of Armenia, Junior Choir (1994); ALS Children’s choir in Los Angeles (1994); Little Singers of Artsakh (Stepanakert, 2011); the children’s choirs of Vank village and Gandzasar monastery (Artsakh, 2012); and more than fifty choirs in Yerevan city secondary schools (2000-2011). In 1994, the ALS association also promoted and founded the vocal and conducting department of the Tchaikovsky Special Music School of Yerevan.

Furthermore, the ALS International Association has established and periodically organizes a number of festivals, competitions, and other large-scale events in Armenia and abroad, such as the first international choral festival in the Republic of Armenia, Ashtarak ’93 (1993); the action United by Song (2000); Singing Armenia, an annual national competition for children’s choirs (2001, annual since 2006); Song of Unity choral festival (2004 and 2006); and various other events. In addition, the ALS International Association arranged for the concerts of World Choral Day in Armenia (December 2011) under the umbrella of the International Federation of Choral Music and its annual World Choral Day celebrations.

With the patronage of the ALS International Association, Armenia’s children participate in international musical events such as the concerts of the World Multinational Choir in Paris, France (1992); Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Beijing, China (1999); the Golden Ferry International Festival organized by PABSEC (Sochi, Russia, 2001, 2002); world symposiums on choral music and other prominent international events (in Australia, France, Austria, and the USA). The association also arranges concert performances for its choirs around the world.

The ALS International Association regularly organizes major cultural events in Armenia and abroad. The association arranged for the participation of its choirs in festivities devoted to the 50th anniversary of UNESCO (Big Hall at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France; Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California, USA, 1995); the 90th anniversary of Armenian General Benevolent Union (Cairo, Egypt, 1996); the Sixth World Symposium on Choral Music (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 2002); the celebratory concert devoted to Charles Aznavour’s 80th anniversary (Palais des Congrès, Paris, France, 2004); the events devoted to the Year of Armenia in France (Paris, France, 2006); the concert event Aznavour and Friends (Opéra Garnier, Paris, France, 2007); the celebrations dedicated to both the 500th anniversary of Armenian printing and the declaration of Yerevan as World Book Capital (2012); a concert tour devoted to the 20th anniversary of Armenian diplomatic relationships with foreign countries (Georgia, Latvia, Sweden, Japan, 2012); and numerous other festivities and commemorations.

So as to promote music and nurture young singers, the ALS International Association offers symposiums, seminars, master classes, and open rehearsals in the regions of Armenia and Artsakh. With the support of the ALS, the Little Singers of Armenia are able to collaborate with famous musicians such as Bo Johansson (conductor of the Adolf Fredrik’s Girls Choir, Sweden), Chifuru Matsubara (conductor of the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, Japan), and Paul MacAlindin (conductor, Germany).

Additionally, the association helps publish the choral compositions of Armenian musicians and produces and releases Armenian CDs. The ALS conducts professional and cultural information exchange and promotes collaborations and joint performances of Armenian and international choirs. Past collaborations include performances with Lexington Senior School Choir (2004, 2006); Vienna Boys’ Choir (2006); Sveshnikov Choral Art Academy Choir (2009); Yale Alumni Chorus (2011); New Hampshire Friendship Chorus (2012); Adolf Fredrik’s School Choir (2012); Nakajima School Choir (2012); and many others.