The "Little Singers of Armenia" choir operates under the auspices of the "Armenian Little Singers" International Association, in accordance with the charter of the association and its regulation.

1. "Little Singers of Armenia" choir consists of two main choirs: junior (A  and B groups: 6-9 years old) and senior (G  and D groups: 10-18 years old).

2. The junior choir has 2 groups / A and B / consisting of 3 vocal groups.

3. Children aged 6-9 can attend the junior choir.

4. The senior choir has 2 groups / G  and D / consisting of 4 vocal groups.

5. Children aged 10-16 can attend the senior choir.

6. It is a mandatory condition to attend or to graduate from any music school.

7. For registration:

  • fill in the registration form (address: Ghazar Parpetsi 9a)
  • submit  3x4 photo, copy of birth certificate 
  • pay 1000 drams for attendance
  • perform two songs on audition (pieces will be  given by conductors beforehand)

8. Rehearsal time

Group A: Monday and Thursday at 18:00-19:30

Group B: Tuesday and Friday at 18:00-19:30

Group G and D: Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00-21:00

9. Membership fee for junior group is 3000 AMD

for senior group is 2500 AMD.