Salute to the Soldier

All the members of the Armenian Little Singers International Association and its member choirs support compatriots who maintain peace in our country on the border of  villages and on the contact line of the Karabakh-Azerbaijani border.

The liberated lands in the present-day territory of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) have historically belonged to Armenians, never to any other nation, and cannot be the subject of bargaining. In any harassment, our nation will protect its ancestors' land, faith and culture.

Relevant international structures, instead of making two-way calls are obliged to condemn the Turkish and Azerbaijani authorities that support international terroristic groups not to launch armed attacks on Armenia and kill innocent people and children.

The Armenian Little Singers International Association express its deep condolences to the families of the heroes and innocent citizens wishing  patience, endurance and valor to all mothers and relatives.

Rest to the martyrs and let their souls come to light.

The Armenian people are proud and always with you, brave soldiers.

Glory and honor to the defenders of the Motherland.