Vahagn Davtyan 100

On December 25, the second concert  took place on the occasion of the reopening of the great concert hall of the Sayat-Nova Music School in participation with "Little Singers of Armenia" choir directed by Tigran Hekekyan.

It was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the great Armenian poet of the 20th century, Vahagn Davtyan.

Silva Yuzbashyan, Artur Utmazyan and Emma Grigoryan also took part in the event.

The works of Vahagn Davtyan were introduced: poems, fragments from childhood memories. The lines about the poet's hometown Arabkir were also excited. Arabkir remained in Western Armenia. The author described blue clave rooftops of houses,  blue waves of the Euphrates and the sweet smell of grandmother's baked bread, which remided him  about his childhood.

During the evening, Aram Sukiasyan's short film about the poet was also shown.

The whole event was an ode dedicated to patriotism, homeland, history and spirit, a prayer, incense, which did not leave the audience indifferent, whose eyes were often filled with tears.