Concerts  1986-2000


  1. 24.01-Performance of Edgar Hovhannisyan's compositions, Armenian Music Society.
  2. 07.05-Performance dedicated to 60th anniversary of Radio, Aram Khachatryan concert hall.
  3. 21.05-Author's evening, Komitas Chamber Music Hall.
  4. 09.06-Vladilen Balyan's author evening, Aram Khachatryan concert hall.
  5. 08.10-All-Union Festival of Choral Art, Dilijan.
  6. 12.07-Performance in Aparan regional committee meeting hall.
  7. 12.10-Performance at "Erebuni-Yerevan" celebration.
  8. 10.11-2 parts concert in Tallinn, Matka Maya Hall.
  9. 11.11-2 parts concert in Tartu University.
  10. 12.12-Performance of Khachatur Avetisyan's "Songs of Love, poems, homeland", Hall of Kirov factory.


  1. 18.02-Concert dedicated to Vahan Teryan's anniversary,  Komitas Chamber House. 
  2. 06.04-2 parts author's concert, Komitas Chamber House.
  3. 07.05-Performance dedicated to Radio Day, Sundukyan State Academic Theatre.
  4. 11.07-Concert in the Youth Palace.
  5. 06.05- Concert at "Tsitsernak" International Camp.
  6. 25.07-Concert at "Tsitsernak" International Camp.
  7. 27.05-Concert at "Tsitsernak" International Camp.
  8. 19.06-Concert at "Tsitsernak" International Camp.
  9. 13.11-Joint concert with the Estonian choir, Armenian Music Society.
  10. 14.11-Concert in Artashat together with the ESSR TV and Radio Choir.
  11. 28.11-Performance of arrangements of folk songs, plenum of  Armenian SSR composers union.


  1. 29.04-Concert in front of the statue of Komitas.
  2. 06.05-Concert dedicated to Radio Day, Karen Demirtchian Sport/Concert Complex.
  3. 06.07-Concert in the Anglican Church, Riga.
  4. 08.09-Two concerts in Rīgas Doms.
  5. 01.09-Concert in front of the statue of Komitas.


  1. 15.03-Edgar Hovhannisyan's author charity concert.
  2. 05.05-Charity concert in the "Youth Palace".
  3. 07.13-Performance at Arzni sports ground, Byureghavan.
  4. 07.14-Performance at Aparan regional committee hall.
  5. 07.20-Charity concert, Spitak.
  6. 07.21-Charity concert, Talin.
  7. 23.07-30.07-Five concerts.
  8. 08.12-Solo concert dedicated to the anniversary of the earthquake, literary-musical evening by Anna Hekekyan, Komitas chamber house.


  1. 31.01-Concert in Vilnius.
  2. 03.03-Concert in Kaunas.
  3. 05.03-Concert in Klaipeda.
  4. 03.04-Concert dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Vahagn Stamboltsyan, Great Hall of the Conservatory, Moscow. 
  5. 14.05-08.05-Gori International festival, five concerts.
  6. 14.06-Concert in the plenum of the Composers' Union, David Halajyan.
  7. 17.10-Solo concert in  Aram Khachatryan House-Museum.


  1. 19.01-Evening by Anna Hekekyan in memory of Movses Gorgisyan.
  2. 27.03-04.04-Concert tour in Israel-Jerusalem, Akko, Haifa, Tel Aviv,  4 performances, 11 concerts.
  3. 10.06 - Bruce McComby's author evening.
  4. 27.06-06.07-Concert tour in Ireland-Amsterdam, Puldike, Groningen, Dyke,  8 concerts and 1 liturgy in St. Bartholomew's Church.
  5. 17.07-30.07-Concert tour in Spain-Vitoria, 4 concerts.
  6. 01.08-14.08-Concert tour in France-Perigio, Otten, Morvan region, Burgundy, Paris, 12 concerts.


  1. 30.03-Concert in Armenian Electric Network.
  2. 02.04-02.05-Concert tour in Czechoslovakia, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, 15 concerts, 1 liturgy.
  3. 15.06-Charity concert for orphans, Opera House.
  4. 24.07-02.08-Concert tour in Japan-Takaraika, Yashiro, Osaka, 5 concerts.
  5. 19.09-Concert of American Music, Komitas Chamber House.
  6. 24.09-Concert dedicated to 70th anniversary of Ohan Duryan.
  7. 15.10-Concert of autumn series "New Armenian Music".


  1. 13.04-25.04-Concerts in Switzerland.
  2. 13.04-Concerts in Montreux.
  3. 14.04-Concert in Luther church.
  4. 16.04-Concert dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Gemofan choir.
  5. 17.04-Performance in Montreux.
  6. 18.04-Zurich, Grossmünster.
  7. 19.04 Concert in the church, Rapersville.
  8. 21.04-Concert in the church, Romanshorn.
  9. 22.04-Concert in church Saint Fiden.
  10. 23.04-Concert in St. Nicholas Church, Lugano.
  11. 24.04-Zurich, Wasserkirche.
  12. 25.05-Morning liturgy in the Catholic Church, evening concert in Einzidel.
  13. 27.04-Concert in Salheim, Germany.
  14. 30.04-2 concerts in Leshno, Poland.
  15. Concert at the Chamber Music House, introducing the Mayor to the Diplomatic Corps.
  16. 22.08 - Opening of "Ashtarak-93" festival.
  17. 20.08-26.08-Performances within the framework of the festival in the churches of Ashtarak region.
  18. 25.08-Concert in the hall of Kirovakan college.
  19. 19.09-Concert at the Komitas Chamber House, dedicated to Independence Day of Armenia.
  20. 26.09-Closing ceremony of "Ashtarak-93" festival, Aaram Khachatryan concert hall.
  21. 04.10-Concert in Dynamo sport hall, in memory of Leonid Azgaldyan.
  22. 10-Concert at the Komitas Chamber House dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Nubar Aslanyan.
  23. 04.12-Concert in the CIS, in connection with the meeting of the Ambassador of Israel.


  1. 07.04-Concert in the Komitas Chamber House dedicated to motherhood and beauty holiday.
  2. 24.04-Performance  in memory of the Genocide victims.
  3. 09.10-Performance at the Komitas  Chamber House on the occasion of the International Day of Choral Music by International Federation for Choral music.
  4. Performance for Diplomatic Corps and Artists in Armenia on the occasion of Christmas.


  1. 21.03-Concert at the Komitas Chamber House dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Red Cross.
  2. 24.04-Performance in memory of the Genocide victims.
  3. 15.11-Concert dedicated to the brilliant victory of LSA, Aram Khachatryan concert hall.


  1. 2.02-Performace dedicated to Tyarndarach, Aram Khachatryan concert hall.
  2. 05.06-Performace during the opening ceremony of the Gori International Festival.
  3. 06.06-Concert at Gori House of Culture.
  4. 07.06-Concert in Kghintsvis Monastery.
  5. 08.06- Performance on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Gori girls' choir.
  6. 09.06-Performance at the closing ceremony of the festival.
  7. 24.06-Performanceat the opening ceremony of the "Yerevan-96" children choir contest-festival.


  1. 11.04-Performance  dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Armenian Television and Radio, the Opera House
  2.  09.05-Performance dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of Shushi, Aram Khachatryan concert hall.
  3. 16.06-Performance dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Armenian Radio Company, the Opera House.
  4. 10.10-Performance dedicated to 75th anniversary of Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan, the Opera House 
  5. 13.11-Performance dedicated to Ohan Duryan's 75th anniversary, Aram Khachatryan concert hall.


  1. 17.04-Performance of David Haladjian's "Missa de humane" with the RA National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Aram Khachatryan concert hall.
  2. 28.05-Concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the declaration of independence of the first republic of Armenia, Sardarapat Museum 
  3. 11.06-Daniel Danielyan's performance of final exam, the Armenian Music Society.
  4. 17.07-Concert for the children of five camps, Hankavan.
  5. 18.12-Performance in memory of Rafael Mangasaryan, the Armenian Music Society.


  1. 23.01-Performance dedicated to 70th anniversary of Hovhannes Chekidjian, Aram Khachatryan concert hall.
  2. 23.04-Performance in memory of the Genocide victims, at Karen Demirtchian Sport/Concert Complex.
  3. 09.05-Performance dedicated to Shushi Liberation Day, Opera House.
  4. 21.06-Performance in memory of Gagik Sahakyan, Komitas Chamber House.


  1. 19.05-Performance dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Sos Sargsyan, Sundukyan State Academic Theatre.
  2. 11.06-Performance dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Sayat-Nova school, Aram Khachatryan concert hall.
  3. 30.06-Performance dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Robert Amirkhanyan, the Opera House.
  4. 15.11-Performance dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Vladilen Balyan, the Opera House.