“Little singers of Armenia” performed on European big stages

“Little singers of Armenia” chorus from September 18 to October 1 performed in a number of European stages within the frames of concert tour “Generation of Independence” dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence. Today during the press conference at Khnko Aper library, Tigran Hekekyan, the Artistic Director and Producer of the chorus, noted that the chorus performed in such European stages, that few may be granted such an opportunity. “Besides the audience, which is fond of culture, the chorus performed for European political figures, which listed to us with admiration, so through music we change the impression of foreigners of our country,” notes Tigran Hekekyan. Yerevan Deputy Mayor Aram Sukiasyan addressed his words of appreciation to the chorus, “Among the other events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence, the concert tour of the chorus was special with its audience, which consisted mostly of foreigners, and not the representatives of the Armenian community.” Margarita, one of the members of the chorus, notes that she is very impressed by the tour, “I am especially impressed by the city of Hague in the Netherlands. There we were hosted by Armenian families, which weren’t able to hold back their tears when we left,” says Margarita.